Electric contacts and soldered contact spots for low-voltage equipment

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JSC Elektrokontaktnye tekhnologii — the enterprise of powder metallurgy, is engaged in manufacturing of electric contacts, soldered contact spots, contact details and contact assemblies of electric devices for the repair purposes, for production of low-voltage equipment, and other types of switching equipment.

Now we make and we offer electric contacts, soldered contact spots, contact detail for low-voltage equipment, and other various antifrictional and constructional components made by a method of the powder metallurgy, cold punching and machining.

contact units for low-voltage equipment

Our enterprise makes products which are completely ready for installation in low-voltage equipment.

Each product is exposed to quality control at all production phases. Solder used for soldering of contacts on contact surfaces is unique development of our experts and has no analogues.

Certificate ISO 9001:2009 on a control system of quality proves the Quality of delivered
, and also specifications and design documentation:

TU U 27.3-39592208-001:2015 « Electric Contacts on the basis of copper of brands KMK-MCD and KMK-MKDG»
TU U 25.9-39592208-007:2015 – «A powder from copper phosphorus solders of brands PMFOSU and PMFOTS»

Argentiferous contacts according to requirements:

TU U 27.3-39592208-004:2015 «Сeramic-metal Contact detail», GOST 3884-93 and the working drawings approved in accordance with the established procedure.
TU U 27.3-39592208-005:2015 «Details and preparations made of powder on the basis of copper»
TU U 27.3-39592208-002:2015 «Constructional Details and preparations made of powder on the basis of iron».

Products of the enterprise are results of work of leading experts in this branch of metallurgy. For years these experts tried to create necessary compositions and manufacturing techniques in order that products, when getting to the end user worked reliably and long time that confirm numerous positive feedbacks.

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